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The Akron Beacon Journal reviews the Peace Together Choir

Peace Together was reviewed by Ohio Magazine

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Sue Augustine

The concert at Sumner was beautiful. There is a poignancy to the music you make that touches me. Thank you.

Greg Olenick 

I just wanted to thank the choir for such a beautiful performance at St Michaels on Sunday. I was moved by the beautiful music and voices. The song choices also seemed to be perfect time for me to here them. Thank you, Greg

David Neighbour  

When the body is weak, the spirit is made strong from the encouraging songs of the Peace Together Choir. My cancer is only in my body, cancer cannot touch my spirit. Thank you for your songs of comfort.

Paul Irvin 

May God bless all your efforts to bring peace and hope to this troubled world. I believe music has a way of calming the soul and allowing the Holy Spirit speak to us. Keep up the great work for our minds need to be on eternal things not worldly ones.

Rev. Michael A. Matusz  

Prayer for your continued ministry and success!


Reviews from listeners of Peace Together:


Letter from Sr. M P, O.P. re: a Christmas concert:

“…My thanks and deep appreciation for the magnificent performance at Regina Health Center. Music was my life’s work and I congratulate you on the outstanding performance. The intonation, the diction and the stage presence was outstanding. It truly was an inspiration. It gave me the Christmas spirit…You know to sing is to pray twice. Keep spreading the joy and beauty of your voices…


From  Director of Activities: C.T.:

“…The residents continue to talk about how much they appreciated your beautiful voices and music selection. They were truly touched and inspired. We welcome your return for another concert in the future and I will continue to stay in touch….”


Notes from sisters at Regina Health Center;

“…great music, lovely people, I enjoyed it immensely…

…Beautiful performance. Thank you for your wonderful singing and presence…

…What a treat for us shut-ins! Wonderful voices to praise God!...

…I really enjoyed every minute of your program. Thanks…

…Thank you with all my heart for opening this blessed Christmas season! Wonderful, professional performers. “


From a listener at concert at St. Michael’s 10/08:

“…I just wanted to thank the choir for such a beautiful performance at St. Michaels on Sunday. I was moved by the beautiful music and voices. The song choices also seemed to be at a perfect time for me to hear them”


From St. Michael’s Music Minister: “…I just wanted to thank you again for an outstanding concert here at St. Michael’s on Sunday evening. All day yesterday there were staff members and visitors that came in the office and commented on the wonderful concert It was truly a great experience to have your group here. I hope you sold a lot of CD’s Too” Thank you for all the time you took in making this happen. I sure hope we can host your choir again at some time in the future! Sincere thanks, K


Comments sent in re: CD's...

Hope in the Night

“Hope” is just the best thing to come along in a great while”


“I was pretty down a few days ago. Playing “Hope in the Night” helped tremendously. The voices are heavenly and hymns inspiring.”


“I recently lost my husband of 59 years and I really found comfort from this CD”


“I received the CD and have been listening to it non-stop! I just love it and can’t wait to give the other two as presents!”


“I gave a copy to my mom and she listens every morning. She loves it.


“Thanks for hours of peace”


“…soothing to any person in times of stress and trials”


“…recently purchased Hope in the Night – I enjoy it so, I want a copy for my sister.”


“Your music is so-so-so refreshing and inspiring…renews me”


“It’s just more relaxing than anything else.”


“It’s such a soothing inspiration, especially in such troubled times”


“It truly is beautiful and uplifting”


“It is so ‘strong’ and the words and music are so meaningful – good selections” -

…comforting, reassuring of our hope for eternal life”


“When a client is overwhelmed with grief or problems it is important that they get a speck of hope – your music goes to the soul.”


Gift of Hope

“The Christmas CD – I loved it – very peaceful, good selections too!”


“I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoy this CD…it is very uplifting and soothing. Just what I need right now.”


“I played your CD last nite – the music was absolutely wonderful, brought tears to my eyes. I never drove my car in such a relaxed, peaceful mood!”


“…appropriately beautiful music, some traditional and some “new” to songs to me – the words are beautiful”