Peace Together Choir

The Peace Together Mission

Peace Together is an inter-faith choir whose mission is to perform and record meaningful music to bring hope and peace to their listeners. We are a non-profit organization and donate proceeds from CD sales and donations to charitable groups, including Hospice of the Visiting Nurse Service.

Peace Together Choir Members:

Director John Buckenberger 


  • Madeleine Breen
  • Chup Curzi
  • Tom DeKemper
  • Jim Fisher
  • Bob Gorman
  • Grace Gorman
  • Louise Hellwig
  • Alan Irvin
  • Millie Keyser
  • Aleta Killian
  • Peter LaVictoire
  • Chris Marks
  • Kathy Meyer
  • Bryan Miller
  • Becky Nicewarner
  • Juliet Schultz
  • Melissa Simmons
  • Theresa Speight
  • Marisa Stoll
  • Jim Swan
  • Patti Wagner
  • Faith Weber
  • Rick Yohman
  • Caryn Armbruster
  • Kathy Dremann
  • Tresa Davis
  • Beth Ebersole
  • Carole Johnson
  • Kris Corall
  • Lori Scarcella
  • Cindy Akers
  • Neal Davis
  • Joel Yoder
  • Diana Hazlett


Piano: Judy Tempero, Faith Weber

Percussionist: Jack Butcher

Flute: Elena LaVictoire, Madeleine Breen

Guitar: Patti Wagner

Interpreter for the Deaf:

Mary Jo Mohlmaster