Peace Together Choir

The Peace Together Mission

Peace Together is an inter-faith choir whose mission is to perform and record meaningful music to bring hope and peace to their listeners. We are a non-profit organization and donate proceeds from CD sales and donations to charitable groups, including Hospice of the Visiting Nurse Service.

Peace Together Choir Members:

Director John Buckenberger 

Recent Vocalists

  • Madeleine Breen
  • Chup Curzi
  • Jim Fisher
  • Grace Gorman
  • Alan Irvin
  • Millie Keyser
  • Aleta Killian
  • Peter LaVictoire
  • Kathy Meyer
  • Becky Nicewarner
  • Juliet Schultz
  • Joe Urbanski
  • Melissa Simmons
  • Theresa Speight
  • Patti Wagner
  • Faith Weber
  • Rick Yohman
  • Caryn Armbruster
  • Carole Johnson
  • Kris Corall
  • Cindy Akers
  • Neal Davis
  • Diana Hazlett
  • Rosie LaVictoire
  • Pat Messmore
  • Chris Baugh
  • Ann Wehener
  • Dan Mosher
  • Lisa Ricchiuto
  • Ginny Herman
  • William Blankenship


Piano: Judy Tempero, Faith Weber

Percussionists: Jack Butcher, Neil Lantry, Scott Dansko  

Flute: Elena LaVictoire, Madeleine Breen

Guitar: Patti Wagner

Interpreter for the Deaf:

Mary Jo Mohlmaster

Peace Together has been blessed with many other wonderful singers and instrumentalist over the years! (we tried to include everyone who has played a memorable role in the mission of the choir - if we have missed a name in error, please give me a call - we miss you! - Kathy (330-604-5593)


Peace Together Choir Members, Concert and CD contributors since 2000!


David A Frye - Original planning committee, and Recording Engineer (Hope in the Night)

Grace Gorman -Original planning committee, Board, Treasurer, soprano

Chris Marks- Original planning committee, Board, soprano, licensing support

Noleen Snyder - Original planning committee, Board, soprano

Mark Mauldin - Original Planning committee, jazz pianist, composer

Kathleen Meyer - Original planning committee, President, alto

Judy Tempero - Primary pianist, Board member

John Buckenberger - Musical Director, Board member

Chris Baugh - Alto

John Bokas - Bass

Kris Corall - Alto

Chuck Crofford- Bass

Rev. Don Engle - Bass

Robert Gorman - Bass

Alan Irvin - Bass/tenor

Martha Jeffers - Alto

Aleta Killian - Soprano

Elizabeth Lynch - Soprano

Pat Messmore - Bass/tenor

Tim Miller - Tenor

Father Sal Ruggeri - Tenor

LuAnne Toth-St. Hilary’s youth choir director

Shannon Houser- Youth choir

Taylor Lucy- Youth choir

Ashley Marchetta- Youth choir

Kara Mandy - Youth choir

Teresa Santin - Youth choir

Jacquelyn Schler- Youth choir

Rachel Wolski - Youth choir

James Blake -Violin

Edward Kline - Trumpet

Mary Jo Mohlmaster - Interpreter for deaf

Rick Eckman and Jim Bullock from EHB Productions (Gift of Hope)

Alex Dilan, JR - Pianist - composer

Madeleine Breen - Alto

David Case - Bass

Chuckie Marciniak-Cook- Alto

Chup Curzi - Tenor

Phillip Shook-Bass

Tom Dekemper - Tenor, video design, inspirational speaker

Dennis Haynes - Bass

Denise Haynes - Soprano

Eric Haynes - Bass

Marisa Stoll – Soprano

Susan Antal - Soprano

Jim Swan - Bass

John Bragg- Bass

Toni Fammartino - Soprano

Millie Keyser- Alto

Jim Hannah -Bass

Chris Shepard and Stuart Holverson/Chicago Recording Company – (Trust in the Lord CD)

Ed Malkamaki - Bass

Sue Malkamaki – Alto

Nancy Santee - Soprano

Steve McClarnon - Bass/tenor, Board member

Theresa Speight - Soprano

Bobbie Vernon/Wason - Alto/soprano

Faith Weber - Alto/tenor

Rick Yohman - Bass

George Bachman - Guitar

Amy Blake – Flute

Virginia Dickson - Harp

Mike Downey - Saxophone/Clarinet

Patrick Wagner - Percussion

Becky Nicewarner, Alto/soprano, Board member

Jeremy Gilpatrick - Bass, cello

Louise Hellwig - Alto, Board member

Bryan Miller – Tenor

Michael Shaub - Bass

Cameron Weichman-Percussion

Peter LaVictoire - Bass

Elena LaVictoire - Flute, Board member

Samuel Sapp - Bass

Melissa Simmons - Soprano

Patti Wagner - Soprano – guitar

James P Meyer and MR Digital - graphic/video design, engineer/production,       website mgmt. (Be Still My Soul CD)

Scott Farkas - Percussion

Jim Hannah - Clarinet

Adam Cord - Guitar

Colleen McVicker - St Francis de Sales Youth choir director

Cristina Clark- Youth choir

Olivia Clark-Youth choir

Cristina Cater-Youth choir

James Dolensky-Youth choir

Austin Griffith -Youth choir

Maggie Huggins -Youth choir

Brianna McVicker - Youth choir

Marty Rizzo - Youth choir

Jamie Schreffler - Youth choir

Katie Vancouver - Youth choir

Elizabeth Wamsley - Youth choir

Hal Wright - Recording and mixing engineer (Christmas Journey and Sharing Peace Together CD’s)

Lee Copp and John Finley, Recording and Mastering engineers - Kopperhead Studio

(Christmas Journey and Sharing Peace Together CD’s)

Kira and Jeff Andrea from The Strange Familiar

Tresa Davis - Soprano

Beth Ebersole - Soprano

Juliet Schultz - Soprano

Caryn Armbruster -Aalto

Kathy Dremann - Alto

Jim Fisher- Tenor

Jack Butcher - Percussion

Miles Richardson – Cello

Joel Yoder - Bass

Mary Anne Frye – Alto (and endless support of efforts of spouse David during production of  Hope in the Night

Mark Czupkowski - Tenor

Carole Johnson - Alto

Joseph Urbanski - Bass

Dave Zavansky - Bass

Neal Davis - Tenor

Tresa Davis - Soprano

Diana Hazlett- Soprano

Cindy Akers- Alto

Lori Scarcella – Alto

Rosie LaVictoire - Soprano

Neil Lantry - Percussion

Ann Wehener - Alto

Ginny Thomas - Alto

Lisa Ricchiuto - Alto

Dan Mosher - Tenor

Scott Dansko - Percussion


Other special contributors!


Irv and Jay Musson and the R.C and Katherine Musson Foundation-Primary benefactor

Eileen and H. Peter Burg and the Akron Community Foundation-Primary benefactor

Kay Waters - Financial support

Margaret Kreiner - Financial support

John Fickes and legal team of Brouse McDowell -Non-profit creation and management

Many churches, schools and hospices that have supported our mission:

St Hilary Catholic Church - Original practice site, and kickoff support

Brian Campbell and St. Vincent-St Mary High School for recording support

St Sebastian Catholic Church - Practice and concert site support

Our Lady of the Elms Mother House - Practice and concert support

Fr John Zapp and Holy Spirit Catholic Church - Recording site and concert support

Fr Joe Warner and St Martha/Blessed Trinity – Practice site and concert support

Trinity UCC of Akron multiple concert events (Bill Weckbacher -sound tech)

First United Methodist Church of Cuyahoga Falls - Video site support

Regina Care Center-annual concert venue support via Chris Therens and Vicky Putt

St Martin’s Episcopal Church of Chagrin Falls – Concert/Video support

St Anne’s Catholic Church of Rittman – Concert/Video support

Suffield United Church of Christ – Concert/Video support

Rev. Ron Mohlmaster and Church of the Boulevard - Recording celebration site

Other special influences:

Rick Krochka of Triad Communications- Promo design

Janet Ward - Cover art for ‘Hope in the Night’ CD

Mark Braun and Sharon Misterka of Diskcopy LLC Duplication Services-CD production

Lisa Kropf of Kropf Public Relations

Dan Marks - licensing support

Daniel DeKemper-internet/website support

Dave Neighbor and Good Neighbor Religious Gift Store

June Grismer and Grismer Christian Gifts

Ethel Aspell and S. Martin Kelly -Artwork for Gift of Hope

Nancy Messmore - Graphic design

David Hunter and the Village Chapel of Green-Recording site support

Jennifer Gorman -PR reporting and copy editing

Jeff Gorman - PR reporting and copy editing

Monique Spearling for PR Support

Members of Defpotec - Concert video support

Linda Davenport - Cover art - Be Still My Soul

Dan Gorman - CD cover art - Christmas Journey

Joseph A Michael - Digital Print Design

JT Rogers Hospice Care Center - practice site support

Jim Meyer and Patty Buckenberger for endless spousal support!!

Chris Meyer - Video production/editing

Theresa Meyer – Video tech support

James C and Stella Meyer – Video tech support

Amy Fraleigh - Piano

Elaine Schon-Piano

Cassie Rondanella-Piano

Management and staff of La La’s at Portage Lakes - Video site support

The many, many family members and friends of the choir members who have supported our efforts, at concerts, and from home, over so many years!!

And anyone who was left off the list inadvertently…THANK YOU TO ALL!