Peace Together Brings Comfort to Hospice Families

The choir is honored to be asked to sing for those who have recently been challenged by the earthly loss of a close friend or family member.  This fall we have been asked to bring messages of hope and comfort to those connected with several hospices in the Akron/Canton/Berea area.  Many of the songs that we are asked to sing are now recorded and available for 'take home' on our newest CD, "Be Still My Soul: reflections of peace and hope".  In preparing to sing at hospice memorials, the choir has learned songs such as

"Wings of Your Love" - an upbeat musical prayer, asking our Lord to 'lift us up" and 'heal our broken spirits"

"I Do Not Sleep" - a song that is like a message from the still beating heart of our unseen loved one..."I am all things that you hold dear....I am with you!"

"May the Road Rise to Meet You" - an anthem of hope and acceptance, reminding us that life experiences include many different seasons, "a time for meeting, a time to say goodbye"

We look forward to praying for and offering comfort to those who have suffered emotional losses, at one of the area memorials listed in our event section, or via our newest CD.