Trust in the Lord to Warm Hearts Worldwide!

Peace Together Productions and Anchor Distributing plan to re-release the popular CD called "Trust in the Lord: music of faith, hope and peace" in Fall, 2010! The CD has been prepared for national distribution, and hopes are high that the music will now be more easily discovered and purchased in Christian bookstores and gift shops across the country. Peace Together Productions is the name of the newly ordained music production label that will represent the nearly 10 yr old choir on their new marketing adventures. Other plans in the works include MP3 sales of Peace Together works in digital format via Itunes, Amazon, etc, and later this year and next, re-release of the other Peace Together collections, "Gift of Hope - a Christmas journey", "Hope in the Night: Hymns of Inspiration and Comfort", and their much-awaited new collection, which will be ready by Spring of 2011! The new CD will include 16 of their favorite hymns, anthems and cover songs, performed by the choir, up to 10 different beautiful soloists, creative instrumental enhancements of flute, clarinet, percussion, and guitar, and will include creativity of Adam Cord, the acoustic finger-style guitar specialist from the Akron area and director, John Buckenberger. Please stay-tuned as the choir will be adding enhancements to their website, and sending out a newsletter to loyal fans which will include their schedule of coming engagements, and suggestions of how supporters might be able to help SPREAD THE HOPE!