Memorable "Danny Boy"

Peace Together enjoyed singing their new arrangement of "Danny Boy" so much, they decided to enter their presentation in the "Danny Boy Contest"  at the Songs of Ireland event, sponsored by the local Hibernian Club.  After dining together at the Waterloo Restaurant (great place for a group meal!) they went to the club and enjoyed traditional Irish music before and after singing the beautiful "Danny Boy", followed by another favorite, "Prayer for Our Time".    Afterward, the group was awarded the prize for 'Best Danny Boy" performance, and received a beautiful wood-carved Shamrock.  A great time was had by all! The choir would like to thank the Hibernians for allowing us to join the fun, and would like to commend the other Danny Boy singers, who gave inspiring performances. 


Hear the choir sing this song at Concert at St. Martin's Church in Chagrin;  CLICK HERE