Download favorite inspirational music using Itunes, Amazon, CDbaby!

Did you know It is easy to create your own collection of your favorite Peace Together songs.  Visit one of the digital music sites that sells Peace Together Music ie Amazon, Itunes, CDbaby - search for Peace Together Choir and you will be able to shop for your favorites - find the songs you are interested in, listen to a sample of that song, and then purchase the ones you want, usually for only .99 each. As you download your favorites to your computer you can keep them handy for easy-listening, or download onto CD's to take along or give to friends.  You can fill a whole CD of songs for much less than it would cost to purchase a hard-copy CD.

You may be surprised to learn that sites like itunes and Amazon list the music for sale there according to popularity.  Peace Together is becoming increasingly more popular on these sites.  For example, as of 9/9/13, our version of Be Not Afraid is #7 of all the renditions being offered on!  Our version of On Eagles Wings is also popular at #3!!  if you want to look for a choir version of You Are Mine, search for "You Are Mine choir" and you will find that Peace Together's rendition is #1 choir rendition in the Amazon chart! 

We are excited to see that our music is finding it's way to listeners around the world.  We have sold  in 20 different countries so far, in places like New Zealand, Saigon, and Nigeria!  We hope you will think of us when you want to download some inspiring music for friends who are in need.