Warming our Hearts

The choir has received heart-warming hospitality at the start of this Christmas season. We presented a program mixed with favorite anthems and Christmas memories for the enthusiastic listeners at Sumner on Ridgewood, at the First Baptist Church of Alliance, and most recently, at the new Church on the Boulevard in Akron. Our final Christmas program will take place at 3pm on December 16 at a favorite site, the Regina Health Center, in Richfield, Ohio. Regina is the home to many retired spiritual leaders from the area, as well as others. The public is welcome to enjoy the program, as well as tour the facility as part of Regina's open house. There will be a reception following the program. Peace Together has had a very busy and inspiring fall season and is happy for the opportunity to prepare our hearts thru sharing the beautiful story of Christ's birth. Many thanks to all who have attended and support Peace Together thru the year.