A New CD is Born! Exciting release pending!

"Christmas Journey...seeking Hope, Peace and Joy"

 Peace Together Choir releases it's 5th Cd!  The collection was given birth after last Christmas season, when we realized that we had a very strong body of work, including  favorite Christmas songs performed by Peace Together during the past 10 years. While these songs were fresh in our minds and hearts, we thought it might be the best time to get them recorded.   After a short search we were blessed to find our way to a very talented recording engineer, Hal Wright, who had access to an ideal recording setting in his home, as well as at Kopperhead Studios. Hal is also an accomplished composer and choir director, making him an ideal partner to bring out the best of our choir efforts.  Within a few months we had recorded and produced 11 inspiring anthems which have always moved the choir, and we hope they will enhance the Christmas journey for all our listeners.

Here is a comment by one of our favorite listeners (Ok, full confession, this listener is also a choir member, but he is an experienced collector and critic of Christmas Music) :

...I gotta tell you once again that I am wow-ed by the music. The choices, the arrangements, the performances…..it is all so good…. This is a great great collection. I can’t wait for its release! Bravo!....Tom DeKemper

Our mission is to bring heavenly peace and inspiration to hearts in need. We appreciate all the support we have received from so many sources over the years...the composers and arrangers, our director, fellow singers and musicians, our families and friends, those who listen and give us encouraging feedback, those who have donated to support our musical endeavors, and especially to God above, and His promises that give us hope.

We hope you can join us at the Kick-Off concert to hear samples of, and purchase your own copy of our new CD!  The initial kickoff will take place at Blessed Trinity church on Tallmadge Ave. on November 8, 6:30pm.  Stay tuned to this site for further options for purchasing this new CD!