Choir Honors Engineer, David A Frye

16 years ago a small group of hymn enthusiasts joined forces to make plans for recording a CD of special hymns, music meant to be comforting to those dealing with he end of life, and looking forward to the next.  David A Frye was a critical part of the planning and became the most important part of the creative team.  David spend months recording all the pieces of the album, and several more months learning how to edit and apply final touches to the album. He played guitar on several of the selections as well.  The Cd entitled Hope it he Night, hymns of inspiration and Comfort, was sold throught Northeast Ohio, and is now sold all over the world.  The song On Eagle's Wings is particularly popular on Amazon Music.  Peace Together would probably not have progressed beyond the first meeting if not for the creative technical mind of David A Frye.  Dave passed away on 6/23/16 after a battle with prostate cancer.  He will be missed but never forgotten. God Bless You David!