Hopeful Music ONLINE!

Peace Together music is available on many easy-access music sites including:

Spotify - search for Peace Together Choir and you will have option to listen to all of our CD's. Spotify has a free program and another for $10/month, which give free access to endless albums and artists, choirs, etc.  One of the best things is that if you want to listen to your favorite song, you can search for the song and then listen to many versions of the song, by knwon and unknown artists!

Itunes - also has all of Peace Together Music available...listen as a member (about $10/mo) to indivual songs or albums, or download your own copy to keep for a small fee.  Our most popular song on Itunes is My Help Cometh from theh Lord.

You Tube - most of Peace Together songs are available on Youtube, either as downloads by CDBaby from all of our albums, or from concert videos that have been uploaded to youtube, mostly by our very own Elena LaVictoire.  You can enter her name and see many of the concerts she has uploaded, or searchc by song. If you are a Youtube Red member thru Google Play, you can listen to unlimited playlists of music of your choosing, including Peace Together peaceful favorites. 

Amazon - even music is available for purchase on this site, including all of the Peace Together favorites which can be purchased by album or by the song.  The fovorite downloaded PTC song is On Eagle's Wings!