New Recording Project Now Available

In December of 2018, Peace Together released a collection of their most recent recordings.  The new CD is entitled "Sharing Peace Together" and is a collection of recent choir favorites, of various themes.  Some were songs that have been sung often at memorial services. Others were learned for peace/diversity events.  Still others were sung at the italian mass, or the Hope for Little Bill concert.  These songs can now be heard on Spotify, itunes, and Amazon. The list includes the following:

Every Season - a Kim Noblitt favorite, sung for many different events

To Where You Are - a Josh Groban hit, frequently requested for memorial services

In the Arms of God - learned for a funeral of supporter, Mary Didonato, now a PTC favorite

Light of a Clear Blue Morning - A Dolly Parton song, with solo by local associate artist,  Kira Andrea

Hail Mary, Gentle Woman - arranged by John Bucken berger

Resta Con Noi - a favorite for Italians, sung each year at the Akron Italian Festival

Open Prayer - a pretty song by Pepper Chopin, first learned for a concert with the St Francis de Sales choir

By Our Love - learned for the Akron Peace Concert

               Songs are available for streaming or purchase on many web song sites,

including, Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google and CDBaby.