The Sounds of Hope Project merges with Peace Together

Peace Together Choir would like to welcome the members and fans of the Sounds of Hope Project. The Sounds of Hope Project is a non-profit organization, started in 2000, which has shared a similar mission of creating and sharing hopeful music. Their website reviews their mission, including details about their numerous collections of instrumental and vocal artistry. 

Check out the Sounds of Hope Project:  

When their leader, Mary Lou Lydecker, considered retirement, she and the boards of both organizations, discussed a merger, and early in 2021, the Sounds of Hope Project officially passed on the CD's and funds to help Peace Together carry on their common mission.

Peace Together sends a hearty Thank You and Congratulations to the Sounds of Hope members and board!  We appreciate what you have achieved, and are happy to share it ongoing.  If you would like to get copies of the CD's of SOHP, please contact us via the email or phone number below.  

Peace Together Choir  is praying for peace and hope for all our new and old members and listeners!  We record our songs because they bring comfort to our hearts, and we hope anyone who is looking for Peace and Hope, the kind that only God can give, will visit our music often, and hear of the hopeful promises of God. Please feel free to check out this playlist of hopeful songs by Peace Together Choir, or explore our music on Spotify, Amazon, Itunes or Youtube.  You may choose from other links on the previous page, to find song lists for various moods and needs. God Bless YOU!

Peace Together Choir

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