Spring and Summer 2010

The choir has been busy with Hospice memorial services (Southwest General Hospice, and Senior Independence Hospice) and with choir recording sessions. We sadly had to sing farewell to our former choir member, Denny Haynes, who died unexpectedly. Peace Together sends a message of sympathy and hope to his family and all who knew and will miss him. Peace Together will be singing, once again, at the annual Nurse's Mass at St. Paul's Church in Akron on August 5th at 7pm. Plans are underway for a holiday concert in the fall at St Paul's as well, and we hope to record the final selections for our newest CD in September! A new relationship has begun with Anchor Distributing, a Christian Music and Books distributor from Pennsylvania. The Board has expanded the choir's influence by initiating "Peace Together Productions", a new record label, that will be able to represent the music of any 'hopeful' artists who would like to record and sell their music. Stay tuned as the fall/winter schedule comes alive!