Donations much appreciated!

Peace Together is a non-profit 501C3 organization which is supported by donations and by profits from sale of their CD's   The Musson Foundation of Akron has contributed  generously to help with the costs of our last 3 recordings.   Thanks to Jay and Irv Musson, and the Musson Foundation committee for their continued support!   We have also received  heartfelt memorial donations from Eileen Burg, Barb Lopane, Robert Brodbeck, Kay Waters and many others who have generously forwarded the mission of Peace Together.  These contributions are instrumental as we pay for the production costs of our recent CD and the operational costs of the choir (sheet music, instruments, mailings, etc).  When we have these costs covered then we can use the profits from CD sales to make contributions to Hospice of VNS and other charities.  The choir has donated over $20,000 to these causes to date. 

Contributions to Peace Together can be made in many ways:

1. Make a financial contribution click here - the choir is currently seeking donors to help with the launch of our new digital music line which will allow us to be featured on Itunes, amazon and CDbaby where someone could create a CD of their favorite Peace Together songs! 

2. Purchase CD's for gifts or donate them to hospices, hospital chaplains, funeral homes, friends/family.

3. Attend concerts and bring friends and family who might be inspired by the music and become new fans.

4. Visit CDBABY.COM, listen to our music samples,  and write a review.

5. Visit Youtube and listen to a Peace Together selection - which will increase our hits and our 'popularity'!