New CD recording underway

The choir recorded the first tracks of the next hymn CD on 3/11 and 12th. Many thanks to Chris and Stuart from CRC and to Reverend Selvey and his church for their awesome support. The choir recording experience was beyond words and we are excited about the results. Further instrumental tracks, editing and mixing will gradually be completed before the recording is released. We are still taking suggestions for the title and cover art.

John Buckenberger directed 26 mixed voices with his usual energy and attention to both sound and spirituality. The enjoyment and prayerfulness of the choir was evident. They worked very hard over the past months and it showed!

The new recording will again feature hymns, many traditional favorites as well as newer treasures, choir favorites. Many fine solo performances are featured, and of course, the leading accompaniment of Judy Tempero, on the piano, is beautiful - expressive and precise, as always.